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What is a Lifestyle-related Illness?

Alabama-based Uchee Pines Institute is often sought out by individuals suffering from lifestyle illnesses, which are very prevalent in today’s world. Uchee Pines Institute educates individuals on healthy living by promoting vegetarian nutrition and exercise, along with practices such as massage and hydrotherapy.

Lifestyle illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension, are common in Western cultures. The Western diet is meat-centric and high in sugars, vegetable oils, and dairy products. In addition, alcohol and tobacco usage rates are high in many Western nations, and people residing in developed Western nations often lead sedentary lifestyles. These factors combined have contributed to increases in certain diseases–including several types of cancer. In fact, recent years have seen more people die from cancers and other degenerative diseases. Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent or mitigate these consequences.

Adopting a new, healthy lifestyle can help people enjoy greater quality of life for the years ahead. Seeking services at a health-centric facility can teach individuals new skills and put them on the path to improved wellness.