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Lifestyle Diseases Are Root Cause of Pressing Global Health Crisis

Established in 1970 by two physicians, Uchee Pines Institute is a nonprofit health and wellness educational facility. Uchee Pines Institute focuses on helping individuals overcome lifestyle diseases, chronic conditions which kill millions annually. In many cases, changes to diet, environment, and lifestyle can lower risks or alleviate symptoms of lifestyle diseases.

In the 1970s, medical professionals noted that people in western cultures had high rates of certain cancers. Individuals in these countries also had diets that were high in animal proteins, sugar, and fats. In addition, many individuals did not participate in adequate physical activity, which led to increases in obesity. Poor diet and other factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption can cause a range of insidious lifestyle diseases, which emerge over time.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lifestyle diseases caused more than 16 million premature deaths around the globe in 2012. WHO asserts that the current lifestyle disease epidemic is the most pressing public health crisis facing the world.